I’m Your Ally, South Africa 2017-2019


The Rainbow Foundation finances the campaign I’m Your Ally.  The “I’m Your Ally” Campaign was started in 2013 as a response to the discrimination faced by LGBT people within South Africa. The LGBT community experience hate crime in their homes, neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces. In response to this, and in response to the increased criminalization of the LGBT community within the continent of Africa, it has become ever more important to have a constant voice in the public sphere that speaks to the hate and discrimination that faces the LGBT community of both South Africa and Africa. The campaign, as an inclusive campaign, aims to create social cohesion for LGBT rights observation by establishing ALLYship with both the LGBT and Hetero community by facilitating and encouraging non-discrimination and thereby creating safer environments. With regards to the observation of LGBT rights, recent years have seen backsliding in South Africa. This has been as a result of a lack of adherence to the rule of law, infringements on the freedoms of expression and association, discrimination against women and the LGBT community.