Sexual Minorities Uganda 2013-2016


Through the contribution to RFSL, the Rainbow Foundation has been able to contribute to a strengthened LGBT movement in Uganda despite the challenging situation of LGBT people in the country. Through RFSL, resources was distributed where they could make the most difference. The support has partly gone to the umbrella organization SMUG, Sexual Minorities Uganda and to the project PAL (Planning Advocacy and Leadership). SMUG has focused on political influence and public attitudes, and in the PAL project the purpose was to carry out common activities to strengthen the movement’s ability to share knowledge and create unity.

During the period of time for the Rainbow Fund’s support, the law “Anti-homosexuality Bill” (2013) shocked both the outside world and the LGBT movement in Uganda. Thanks to the support in place, the movement could effectively mobilize itself to put members in security, gain international support and ultimately abolish the law.